GRAFORM specializes in the production of highly complicated technical items. We process mainly technical materials such as PA, PC, PBT, ASA, including materials difficult to process such as PPS and PSU. We have 40 injection machines from 25 to 800 tons clamping force.

GRAFORM used in the production of the following technologies:
Thermoplastics injction;
overmolding of metal elements;
MuCell injection technology;
thermoplastics blowmoulding;
Parts and components assemblies.

The group of manufactured products
Cooling system elements
Internal components of the car – not visible
Internal components of the car  - visual
External components of the car  - visual
Lamp’s housing
Air ducts (blowing method)
Electrical components and connectors

Graform performs assembly of parts and components. Assembly operations are performed:

  • Manually
  • Semi-automatic
  • Full-automatic (using assembly automats made by GRAFORM)

Semi-automatic rubber mounting slides to frame radiator for BMW
Automatic installation of contacts in the housing of light bulbs PHILIPS